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Online Tuition

Online tuition has gone from strength to strength in the past few years, tutors and students are now beginning to realise the benefits of moving online and it is considered by many as the way forward.  It works the same as face to face teaching but uses a Skype connection and an interactive whiteboard that the tutor controls.  The pupil can see the whiteboard live on their screen, as the tutor writes on it, so the writing appears instantaneously on the pupils screen.


Amongst the many advantages is the obvious reduction in travel, saving on both time and petrol costs, whether it is for the parents or for the actual tutor.  Often the student is more relaxed and comfortable as they are in their own home environment and tuition becomes much more focused as attention wanders less in front of a computer screen.  I have found myself that online tuition has the advantage of boosting a students confidence, whereas they can be a little shy of demonstrating their knowledge it becomes much easier to be more forthright in front of a computer screen.


For my online pupils I still produce homework and learning sheets, I simply share them through google docs or email them after the lesson.

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