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Why Tutoring

Not all students, including the brightest, cope at school. It is all too easy to fall behind and lose confidence - suddenly class work and homework become impossible.  Often all that’s needed is a return to basics, once the building blocks of the subject are understood then the rest becomes much easier. Working with a pupil, I aim to support them alongside their school curriculum while making sure all topics are covered for the exams that lie ahead.


Some pupils just need a little bit of support, they may be achieving good grades but wish to aim higher.  With a few sessions focusing on any problem areas, confidence is gained and the harder topics become achievable, it can make all the difference between a 4 or a 5 or an 8 or 9.


When home schooling has been chosen as a way of educating your children, I am able to provide both support and tutoring.  I specialize in preparing students for the IGCSE, either guiding the student through the entire syllabus or assisting in the final stages and helping to perfect the much needed technique.  Working alongside the family we can find the best way forward in gaining the best mathematic education for your child.


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