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“My daughter first came to see Penny at the start of year 11, her GCSE year and it has been such a positive and valuable experience for her.  Penny has been brilliant all the way through, always calm and patient and explaining all the work in a way that she understood.  My daughter’s confidence in her own abilities grew steadily week by week and to hear her say “I really enjoy maths” whenever I picked her up from her lessons was music to my ears!  She’s now planning on taking maths for A level.  I would thoroughly recommend Penny … thank you for everything!”
"Penny is a very friendly, encouraging and supportive teacher. There were some topics that I really struggled with and my overall confidence in Maths was very low. However, when I started lessons with Penny, she was able to see where I was getting stuck and explained things in a way that made sense. Penny boosted my confidence so that I even began enjoying Maths! Thanks to her help, my mark went from a low 7 to achieving a grade 9!"
"I can highly recommend Penny Chivers as a MathsTutor on Skype.  My daughter adored her lessons with Penny who taught her the entire IGCSE syllabus in 9 months. Penny teaches all abilities is so supportive and achieved a wonderful balance of helping my daughter to achieve her best without feeling stressed. She was extremely accommodating to my daughter and very reassuring and helpful to me as this was my daughter’s first exam.  She is very experienced in teaching HE students and also offers group lessons,  as well as 1-1"
"Learning with Penny was a joy, every lesson bringing not only a wealth of fascinating subject matter but also a tremendous amount of enjoyment. Her teaching is clear, friendly, incisive and endlessly engaging"
"I’d just like to say, thank you for all the tutoring, eureka moments and the revelation that I don’t actually hate maths (and that fractions are pretty neat). You were genuinely awesome and I couldn’t have got this result without you - so thanks a million! "
"Penny is a friendly and skilled math tutor who really knows what her student needs help with to bring out their full potential. As well as good teaching methods she showed my son an easy concise way to take good notes which was both great for his learning and revision."

Penny is a brilliant Tutor, fun, outgoing and endlessly patient, my daughter has finally found some confidence and now really enjoys her maths, especially her lessons with Penny. She has even moved into the top group at school (very unexpected and an excellent bonus).



Penny Chivers tutored my daughter in Maths, and her GCSE grade was one to two levels higher that it would otherwise have been.

She thoroughly checked what my daughter could/couldn't do, and geared the lessons exactly to what she needed. My daughter started going to Penny lower down the school, and Penny ensured that she had the basics in place on which to build. Then, with the help of a variety of questions, her actual syllabus and past papers, she enabled her to become both confident and competent in GCSE Maths. I would happily recommend Penny, and use her again. 

Helen Yates

Penny Chivers has been a superb maths tutor to two of my daughters and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

She tutored my eldest daughter to take a maths exam, an essential requirement towards her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). My daughter had not done any maths since her GCSE eight years earlier and as she is dyslexic was understandably very anxious about having to do this maths paper. Penny managed her anxiety wonderfully and saw her through the preparatory work so that my daughter sailed through her maths exam.

Penny also tutored my youngest daughter through her maths GCSE and her first year of A level maths which again proved a great success. Thanks to Penny, this daughter is now managing the statistics part of her psychology degree at Manchester University without difficulty and is doing very well.

We have a lot to be thankful to Penny for. Her positive, good humoured and patient approach to teaching maths for school and other maths exams is guaranteed to help anyone struggling to make the grade. Both my girls say that without her help, their results would not have been as good as they were.


Penny has been invaluable helping me to prepare for a numerical assessment for a new job. She has taught me in a logical and helpful manner being endlessly patient and extremely good fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Penny has been tutoring my 14 year old daughter for over six months now. We have found Penny to be excellent, she is very patient and adapts the lessons each week to look over what my daughter has done at school during the week and ensures that she has understood everything that has been covered at school. This provides an opportunity to strengthen any areas of maths my daughter may be struggling with. 
My daughter is in middle set maths at school but I strongly agree that this extra help every week will help her achieve the best possible mark in her GCSE. 
Penny is very friendly, not a scary maths tutor at all and I would highly recommend her.



Penny has been so helpful and given my daughter oodles of confidence to face her GCSE exams.

Brilliant tutor. Really patient, fun and knows her stuff.

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